References: instagram & delish With 'Avengers: Infinity War' already a top summer movie, Disneyland has rolled out a new Infinity Gauntlet Cup that is proving to be equally popular. With fans waiting in line for up to hours at a time for the new novelty cup, it's clear that fans are eager for Avengers souvenirs. Disneyland's new Infinity Gauntlet Cup is an oversized novelty cup that celebrates 'Avengers: Infinity War.' But unlike other commemorative cups, this version features a full, armored cuff complete with sparkling plastic gem stones. This means that you can literally wear the Infinity Gauntlet like a true galaxy conqueror. The Instagram-friendly cups go for $20 a pop and can be found Disneyland's Hollywood Land, near Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT. Image Credits: