Deep-Learning Photography Drones - The Teal One Drone Achieves Whopping Speeds as High as 60mph (

Sunday, October 14 2018

References: tealdrones & newatlas The Teal One drone has been developed by George Matus as a powerful solution for consumers that will allow them to perform a multitude of flying capabilities and more in a compact, versatile design. The drone is outfitted with the Nvidia Jetson TX module along with its very own accompanying app to allow for augmented reality, autonomy and even deep-learning capabilities. The unit boasts a top speed of 60mph, which makes it powerhouse solution for consumers seeking out an entry-level solutions that is perfect for capturing their choice of scenes. The Teal One drone is outfitted with a 12MP HDR camera sensor that offers 4K recording capabilities, while the standard GPS functionality ensures it's intuitive to fly.