How to buy the perfect swimsuit for your vacation wardrobe

Thursday, October 26 2017

How to buy the perfect swimsuit for your vacation wardrobe

So you slyly slid in your leave application at work, survived the panic attack after seeing your total air fare and now all you want to do is sink into a jacuzzi with a sangria in each hand. Which is all well and good, until you reach the swimwear stage of your packing protocol and realise that you should have tacked on another seven days on your leave request, at least.

Apple-shaped, hourglass or inverted triangle: if the confusing lexicon of body shape types wasn’t enough to convince you to quit and take up rocket science instead, factor in the fact that getting the wrong size could ring the death knell on your post-holiday humble brag. When it comes to swimwear, going one size larger won’t provide any camouflage, and opting for one size smaller won’t do you any favours in the pool either. So how do you find the perfect swimsuit for your #travelgasm snap? We’re glad you asked.

Identify your body type And no, we don’t need you to Google whether you are pear-shaped or an inverted trapezoid. The right swimwear doesn’t necessarily require you to clock in overtime at the gym, so don’t waste precious off-duty hours slaving away at the treadmill before hitting the surf and the sand. Follow our handy guide to find something that works for you without compromising on your street style cred.

Do it like the stars When in doubt, allow Bollywood’s best dressed to play friend and mentor. The lean-and-mean machine Malaika Arora knows exactly how to play up her toned arms with fringed strapless bikinis, while the petite Ileana D’Cruz looks for ruffles in her swimwear to compound her silhouette. Katrina Kaif believes in keeping things fuss-free with high-necked halter tops, an occupational hazard given how the pap lens loves to follow her around on the beach. Karisma Kapoor, meanwhile, refuses to let her age dictate her wardrobe choices, and loves herself a high-waisted two piece. 1 /9