Hyper-Modern Rural Huts - 23o5 Studio's Design for The HUT is Both Traditional and Contemporary (TrendHunter.com)

Wednesday, June 6 2018

References: archdaily Almost by definition, huts are humble abodes, but 23o5 Studio's design for 'The HUT' brings modern, contemporary sensibilities to that traditional form of simple architecture. While the home has many expected traits for a hut, like a location in a rural area apart from an urban center, the rest of the design is impressively forward-thinking. One of the key traits of 23o5 Studio's home design is the incorporation of greenery. The house holds a garden in its interior that has open access to sunlight, rain, and wind. This makes it ideal for growing local Vietnamese plants like lemongrass and star fruit. The interior garden is also part of the inspiration for the nomenclature, as it contributes to an overgrown appearance that's reminiscent of a humbler building.