Staying Cozy and Warm throughout the Coldest Winter Nights

Thursday, February 15 2018

No matter where you live, the coldness of winter will eventually catch up with you. From the bitterly cold winds of the Upper Midwest to the humid chill of the Southeastern United States during a cold snap, you are sure to spend part of the winter shivering. However, you can warm up quickly and stay cozy longer when you use the following tips. Dress in the Right Layers Dressing in layers keeps your body warm by trapping heat close to your skin. Remember that natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, trap heat better than synthetic fibers, such as polyester, do, and they help your skin breathe, decreasing sweat. If you are a leggings lover, consider swapping out your favorite pair for a layer of long underwear beneath your jeans. Eat or Drink Something Warm When you eat or drink something warm, you raise your internal body temperature. This is especially important before bedtime when your body temperature tends to drop. If you plan to be up for a few more hours, you may want to eat spicy foods or healthy fats, which tend to speed up your metabolism and create body heat. Stock up on Blankets Wrapping yourself in a blanket is another good way to trap heat close to your body. Make it easy to warm up no matter where you or your family are in the home by stacking blankets over chairs, tossing them at the end of the bed or stocking blankets in large baskets in the family room. Try Heated Bedding If you really have trouble warming up at night, heated bedding can do wonders to help you drift off to dreamland. Most new heated bedding is designed with automatic shutoffs, giving you peace of mind that you will stay safe throughout the night. While electric blankets and heated mattress pads abound, you may want to opt for a smaller home heating pad if you only want to warm up fingers or toes at night. Invest in a Space Heater Space heaters can be excellent ways to heat up smaller rooms that are closed off to the rest of the house. However, you must be sure to use them safely because they can become fire hazards if they are used too close to furniture, bedding or drapes. As a rule of thumb, always keep them three feet away from any other items. Seal Doors and Windows Your home could be losing loads of heat, raising your utility bill and keeping you shivering even though your furnace runs continuously. Take the time to change out or improve the weatherstripping around doors and windows, or purchase a simple window insulation kit at your local hardware store. By following these simple tips and tricks for your clothing, your bedtime routine and your home, you can indeed stay toasty warm throughout the rest of the winter months. No matter how big or small your budget is, there are simple things you can do to decrease heat loss in your home, keep your body warm and stop the shivering. When you are warm, you will feel more comfortable in your home, you will feel that you can be more hospitable to guests and your skin, fingers and toes will thank you.