#10YearsOfJabWeMet: 10 awesome things that we learnt from Geet

Thursday, October 26 2017

#10YearsOfJabWeMet: 10 awesome things that we learnt from Geet

10 awesome things that we learnt from Geet #10YearsOfJabWeMet: 10 awesome things that we learnt from Geet Soumya Anantharaman By Soumya Anantharaman

As B-town celebrates a decade of the release of one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and a milestone of Imtiaz Ali ’s career with Jab We Met , we take a look at one of the most special things that was given by the film – a leading lady like Geet.

Free-spirited, crazy and talkative, this character that was made iconic by Kareena Kapoor Khan , proved to be an inspiration to many character sketches in several films but Geet was special in a lot more ways than one! In a world where Bollywood actresses played either the damsel in distress or extremely ambitious or grey roles, Geet was a refreshing change. She was smart and learnt to fight the struggles of her life. In fact, she went on to encourage the hero of the film by teaching him a new way of living life.

On this day which marks the tenth anniversary of Jab We Met , let’s take a look at what was so special about Geet that made her different from other actresses and what life lessons we learnt from this character and her dialogues 1. “Koi doubt mat rakhna. Sikhni hoon main Bhatinda Ki”

Geet taught us to be strong when the world tries to bring us down. Whether it was missing her train or leaving her house or being ditched by her boyfriend Anshuman, she managed to sail it through [obviously with the help of Aditya Kashyap at times] but yet. She was no damsel in distress! 2. “Pyaar mein kuch sahi galat nahi hota”

Geet was one of the most unconventional characters when it came to quintessential Bollywood ‘heroines’. She did not judge Aditya Kashyap’s mother who decided to choose the love of her life by leaving her husband and her son. 3. “Jo kuch insaan real mein chahta hai, actual mein, usse wahi milta hai”

Geet inspires Aditya to follow his true passion. When Aditya loses all enthusiasm to pursue his passion for music, Geet asks him one question, “Life khatam ho chuki hai tumhari? Baat toh aise kar rahe ho jaise marr chuke ho.” She taught you to follow your love fearlessly. 4. “Aap jo yeh bolte hai, iske paise charge karte hain ya muft ka gyaan hai? Kyunki chillar nahi hai mere paas”
She gave an apt reply to the man who told her, “Akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ki tarah hoti hai.” In a country like India, we often are given advices because they are for free. But if the girl is like Geet, well, you better learn how to deal with prompt responses! 5. “Main toh bhaag rahi hoon”
Geet’s epic solution to every problem and the words that give Aditya a nightmare! 6. “Kyunki yeh mera favourite game hai Zindagi”

She redefined the word ‘free-spirited’. She was impulsive and crazy but if there was one thing her character taught us, that is to bear the consequences of our decisions! Even when Anushman didn’t accept her decision to marry, she found a new way of living in Shimla. She taught us to listen to our heart always! 7. “Arre jala do saali ko yaar”

Geet taught us the ultimate way to recover break-up… Burn the photograph and flush it out of your life forever! And interestingly this trial and tested method may have worked for many… am I wrong? 8. “Woh yahan dekh raha hai?”

The sentence that changed the plotline of the entire film. Whether it was to run towards Anshuman or run away from him, Geet’s solution was… “woh yahan dekh raha hai?” If it was a yes, she would definitely hug Aditya [her bait and solution for every problem]. Well what can we say, Geet knows how to always have a trick up her sleeve and that’s how she finds a solution for men who try to forcibly be a part of her life! 9. “Mujhe karate aata hai”
Well this is where she truly proves her Punjabi skills as she constantly warns Aditya to stay away from her by further adding that she is a brown belt! What can we say, she can fight for her love and against them too if need be! 10. “Main apni favourite hoon”

Last but not the least; Geet is the heroine who taught us to love ourselves, no matter what went wrong. She taught us to live life but before that, she taught us to accept ourselves the way we are.