5 beauty trends to avoid when the temperature drops

Friday, October 27 2017

5 beauty trends to avoid when the temperature drops

I don't want to look good; I am happy in my skin," said no girl ever. The obsession or dire need to look the finest version of yourself could prove to be extra painful when you are taking the leap on a winter afternoon. We dug deep to reveal the big 'no-nos' of fashion land that will send shivers down your spine (quite literally!) even on a cool night in Mumbai. Tattooing: One of the most common and widespread fashion trends of all-time is body art, or what is commonly known as tattooing.

We agree that a little pain (that originates from the tip of the needle of a tattoo machine) is bearable, especially if the tattoo is something that holds tons of emotional value. But imagine this — it's moderately cold outside and your smoldering pain in the freshly made tattoo is getting intense with each passing moment...do the math! Piercing: Most of us have had our ears pierced at a very tender age. But any other form of piercing in our bodies— belly-button, nose, eyebrows to name a few— are our responsibilities. In chilly weather conditions, it is advisable not to opt for a piercing because it could be extremely damaging to your skin. For example; puss followed by weeks of excruciating pain, swelling and redness. Acne laser removal: From supermodel Kendall Jenner to a regular college-going teenager, all of us have battled acne in our lives. The idea of getting rid of pimples and the subsequent scars that are equally traumatising is thrilling.

However, doing it while that winter jacket of yours is still on, may not be the right thing to do. Sure, the dermatologist will numb the affected areas with local anesthesia, but will it stay that way for long? Once its effect wears out, you can expect some painful days ahead. Brazilian wax: Anyone who has undergone Brazilian wax knows the magnitude of pain one has to endure. Even on a sunny, scorching summer day, Brazilian wax is way too much to handle. Cold weather adds to your trauma.

Hammer toe surgery or foot surgery: Thanks to peer pressure, more and more women are going under the knife to get those perfectly even toes, the surgery for which is commonly known as toe-shortening surgery. Various horrid accounts of women who have undergone the allegedly painful treatment suggest that the pain stays for two to three weeks.