7 foods to aid post festive detox

Friday, October 27 2017

7 foods to aid post festive detox

Are you one of those who continue to binge even after all the festivities are over? Extended holidays and tempting food bring in additional calories; and if you don't put a full stop to the sinful indulgences you're likely to carry the unwanted kilos forever. If you love your body and want to maintain your fitness levels, then there's nothing like a detox plan to get it back on track. Try these foods to help you get back in shape.

1. Try to have more liquids:

Water, juices or thin soups — try to have as much of liquid as you can. Not only will it ensure that you stay hydrated, it will also ward off unnecessary cravings. Liquids also help cleansing the digestive system naturally as they flush out excess fats.

2. Replace sugar with honey:

Festive foods are normally laden with sugar and you don't need more of it later. Substitute sugar with honey instead since it clears your system.

3.Raw vegetables:

Think of salads and include veggies of your choice while making them. Opt for home-made salads over outside salads as they tend to have heavy salad dressings loaded with calories.

4.Fresh fruits:

Your body needs all the fibre right now, so go for fresh fruits which also have minerals, antioxidants and natural sugar. Have at least three servings of fruits through the day.

5.Opt for green tea:

Skip hot beverages. Instead of having your regular cup of tea or coffee, go for green tea which is full of antioxidants. A cup of green tea keeps the digestive system healthy, the body hydrated and increases metabolism.


Steamed sprouts contain nutrients which increase the nutritional value of grains, legumes and beans. Full of protein and dietary fibre, they are good immunity boosters too.

7. Nuts and dry fruits:

These are good as a mid-meal snack option — they contain natural sugar and fibre, and come in a variety of flavours. Keep a balanced mix of cashews, almonds, raisins, walnuts, dates and more ready. You can grab a handful whenever you feel hungry as they will keep you full till your next proper meal.