Keep these in mind when you do your own make-up on your wedding day | Beauty Tips

Monday, October 30 2017

Keep these in mind when you do your own make-up on your wedding day | Beauty Tips

Bride wearing make-up Every make up goes hand in hand with good skin care - use a gentle exfoliator to prep the skin the night before and give it some extra moisture putting on a hydrating face mask. Don't worry if your skin is not perfectly flawless on your special day. Choose the right products to cover up any redness and even more visible spots. After priming your face with a moisturizer and a base you can cover up spots in green to make sure they become invisible. The green shade helps to neutralise redness. For foundation, opt for one that suits your skin tone. A matte foundation is great if you have oily or combination skin. Make sure to take your time to blend the foundation properly, preferably with a sponge so that everything stays where it should.

If you have dark circles use a concealer to cover them up. Make sure to highlight and use the strobe technique to make your complexion look flawless. For your eyes Opt for a catchy eye palette in various colour combinations. Give your eyes dimension with a darker shade for the crease and use the lightest shade for the inner corner of the eyes to make them sparkle. The eyes get that special expression with a long-lasting eyeliner and add lots of mascara to make your eyes look bigger.

For your lips On your wedding day, it is most important to have a long-lasting lip colour that does not require much attention during the whole day. For perfect lip contours use shades which will make your face look brighter. Opt for colours like maroon, red, vibrant pink and orange.

However, make sure that these colours go with what you will be wearing on your D-Day. Know what's important > Take your time! Plan with at least one hour to do your own make up and prep your skin well, also the lips. > Use the products several times before the actual wedding day - you will feel more confident using the products. It would also make sense to try the actual look beforehand. > Use waterproof products and look for good quality because it really does make a difference. > Find colours that match with your dress and your skin. > Make sure you have very good light, best would be daylight to look amazing. > Ask your friends to get ready with you - this will make the day an unforgettable experience.