Friday, February 16 2018

Popular Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of threatening to break top heroine Salma Hayek's knees, if she refused sexual favours. Of late, there are numerous sexual assault/ and sexual abuse/favour related accusations on the renowned producer, as celebrities have started to come out open, one by one.
Now, the sexy babe Salma Hayek has shocked film fraternity by revealing that she was invited by Weinstein to give sexual pleasures to him, and she had constantly evaded his scheming activities and refused everytime. She also added that, as she did not pay heed to his demands, he made her act nude in a bedroom sequence in the movie Frida.
He had also allegedly threatened to break her knees, if she refused to co-operate and serve his sexual desires. Salma revealed that she was initially worried and was scare to expose the facts , but now feels shameful for being a coward. Latest Movies News Hide