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Wednesday, June 20 2018

i was dreaming while being kind of awake. In this dream i was spider man, yes i know but keep reading. In this dream there was a big black scorpion who had a face. It looked like a demon because it was so scary to see. i wouldn't know how demons look like but it was terrifying. It made sense having a big monster in a super hero dream. Then somehow we came into an agreement. the monster and I somehow knew that there was some form of government placing radio waves, that how we were referring it in the dream. Technically there was random radio frequencies around hospitals that would give people headaches . This monster wanted to help me take it down...very unvillain like. He also said he wanted to eat me so bad but he needed my help to obtain them. He said the words "Help me obtain them" Very slowly and gave me a weird look, like he knew i was going to wake up or something and i did. After i woke up a loud ring occurred in my left ear. It was so loud that it paralyzed me, kind of like a sleep paralysis.. Then i kept trying to move to break free until i was able to move again. Its weird because my dream was about frequencies giving people headaches and after i woke up i heard a loud ring in my ear and it still hurts just a bit, nothing to whine about.