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Monday, May 7 2018

Hi, a lot of my friends say they think I am phychic, I would like to write my experiences, and get some information, also, maybe some suggestions on how to strengthen my "power"(?) and what to do about it. So I have this friend let's call him Justin and me and and Justin always go to George's house. George's house is very haunted although, for some reason most of the paranormal experiences only happen when I'm there or when I'm with my friend Justin. The paranormal has always been extremel attracted to me and Justin especially if we r together. Basically we kinda have the same "powers"(?) a lot of times if I can look at a person and can get these feelings on what's going on with there lives. Ex. There is this kid rob, right when I saw rob I somehow knew that he has a tough life, he likes music and makes it and has issues with his mom. Justin became friends with rob and apparently all of these things are on point, this is only an example this happens all the time with anyone I want. I can also sence what people feel towards others strongly, for example I can sence tention love etc etc. a lot of times I can also predict what will happen I can say next week will be rly good LOve wise or something else. Also a wierd thing, IDK if this is a bit of telekinesis but it rly only works with Justin but if I look at Justin and say in my head and say look at me he alsways turns and looks, I've tried doing numbers it doesn't rly work he just says he feels tingly. Am I phychic? What is up with this "telekinesis" thing? If I am phycic then what, do I go on with life or should I strengthen it like what do I do I'm so new to this lol
edit: I forgot to mention, this stuff has been happening recently and my vibes have been getting stronger but one issue, for some reason I always wake up with unexplainable scratches on my back at places I can't reach, i don't have any pets and I'm not scratching on anything during the night, it usually comes in fives getting a bit worse every time but this morning it was only two lines, they r always parallel and perfectly straight. What is this? And does this correlate to my possible phychic being?
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