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Monday, May 7 2018

So in 2016, I had a terrifying dream that told me I was gonna die and listed a bunch of reasons why. So it started with me laying down on my bed, using my phone. All of sudden, the YouTube app opened up by itself and a video started playing. It was an animated video with the words caution and drawings of fire around it. There was a mans voice repeating "Caution you are going to die" over and over again. Eventually it told me I was gonna go to help and listed these reasons: lack of faith (used to be catholic, at that time I switched to atheism), pre marital sex (at that time I had a boyfriend of 3 years), disapointing my mom, and drugs ( I used to smoke weed). Now this was 2 years ago and there are some things I'm not 100%sure I remember correctly. I think it also told me one of the reasons was pregnancy and it said the year 2018. At some point I started screaming and tried to exit the video but I couldn't so I threw my phone. And at the doorway to my room, my grandmother (who, at the time, had been dead for 2 years) was staring at me with a slightly disappointed face. I woke up so scared... Fast forward to now, I am pregnant, not yet married but engaged to that same boyfriend, I dropped out of college (which devastated my mom) for a year but then went back, I recently started believing in god again. Its now 2018 and since a lot of my dream came true, I am terrified. Does this mean that after I have this baby I will die? What if I die during birth?