How the elite control the physical and dream consciousness

Friday, January 19 2018

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We are all snowflakes in the sense that we are all water, but each one is different.We, like snowflakes, all eventually melt and return to the great sea. Snowflake isn't an insult, it is used by people who have a lack of understanding the biological context. We are all actually water. The enlightened understand we are all like water and not actually snowflakes. I ask you this question. Do you think people who use that as an insult are just projecting their own insecurities onto another person?
What if I told you the elite are trying to control this physical "reality" resources on this Earth, like water, to be paid for with fake money not backed by Gold or Silver Standards in order to Alter our collective consciousness by preventing dreaming.
Fluoride, and now Lead, are poisoning our water systems. Nazi's historically used fluoride as a tool for complacency to invade Poland effortlessly.
Water can be used to give life, to torture, and to kill. It is now used to control us.
What if I told you we all are plugged into the collective consciousness when we sleep and are permanently plugged in upon the physical body's "death". What if I told you the pods in the physical matrix is the 9-5 job in the cubicle as you work for the machines and being plugged into the the digital matrix is an allegory for our dream consciousness.
The ID represents the body's need to sustain itself, make more, and defend itself from danger. The ID responds to fight, fuck, feed, fear
(The reptile portion of our brain)
What are they selling us?
Sex, violence, food, and a global war on terror
The mind represents your ego/I/self consciousness Facebook reminds us best... "what's on your mind?" The mind is also used to provoke thought and inspire the physical world via art, books, poems, prayers, memes, and movies. Once we rid ourselves of these 5 mindsets we join the collective consciousness. The God consciousness. Indigenous people of the world have all similar archetypes of thought.
These Facebook posts enable us to make memes faster.... plus it is shared at an instant.
What if I told you we can communicate telepathically to those we love because our body releases chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and dimethlytryptamine [DMT] while around those we love.
What if I told you the movie and book "the secret" works. It works by thinking of something desired, then dreaming about it, and then it appears. I told myself that I would get a check in the mail. Ended up getting a $10k scholarship in my email. This is a way for the elite to conjure up what ever is needed and use people as tool as they are asleep, but not dreaming.
I will show evidence of this.
We as a society have a split mind. Logic or Artistic mind... it needs to be unified Logical and Artistic. We as a society are speaking to itself through our Arts. Drawings, hieroglyphics, poems, writing, paintings, comedy, plays, movies, episodic internet streaming shows.
"Never choose to be a hero because heroes die uncomfortable deaths. All I want to be is Paul Revere. I just needed one heroic moment, you understand? "Paul Revere's Ride" was only one night and then 40 years of him being like, "Hey, y'all remember that time everyone was ASLEEP, and I was up, and the British was coming? B y, it's a good thing I was AWAKE, everybody be dead."
-Dave Chappelle
"the bird revelation" This body was raped as a child. The mind was confused. I realized it wasn't my fault when I was 21, lost weight to join the army, got married, divorced, but found my pup. When you read what is on this government site. The earth makes more sense We need to find evidence of corporations tracking personal activity especially after the deregulation of the FCC. The difference between internet / tv and radio [what fox regulates] internet now tracks us with the patriot act and the government spy technology especially atjat pai is a a government entity that once was the telecommunications entity. One of the machines... Jordan Peele stated in an interview that "Get Out" was originally going to be called "Get Out: The Kanye West story". In the movie "They" hypnotize us through probing traumatic experiences trauma , crack open the mind, prep the pre op with tv and the trigger(being the teacup), the transplantation is fear, he didn't become fearful, he became determined and fought back. Kanye West is constantly living in fear as they bankrupt him have his wife's butt shown everywhere... building on his Insecurities Through this analysis one may understand the idea presented to you At the end of a concert when they canceled "The Life of Pablo tour" after his breakdown. Was hospitalized immediately just like Andre (Keith Stanford) and them comes out to show everything is fine.... for them brief incoming President Donald Trump about his mind control. Note how West is not singing with his Soul/mind because they closed his ability to meet God and he is possessed by a negative entity(pure fear and hatred) Although he isn't him, listen to his accompaniment sing their heart and soul(body and mind) out for everyone to hear heus to unlocking and fighting negativity. Once we realize that all of man are innocent because they know not what they do just like in the 2017 "Wonder Woman" film where Ares is the "muse that is influencing the killing of man and destruction of the land. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Here is a concept I had a vision about.
"They" are the "elite".
They want to engineer consent for us to be enslaved by technology. To make us think uploading the mind(consciousness), remember how the brain is physical, to computers, which can be written to be however they want us to live in that virtual reality. Keeping us locked in an egg like "Black Mirror" Christmas episode. Uploading our mind to that VR keeps the soul from joining the vast sea, the God DREAM.
These visions started when I asked myself a question of love:
Have crimes where men kill women to wear their skin dropped with the acceptance of transgender people?
I asked this question when Martin Luther King Jr 89th Birthday and instantly thought of "The Matrix" made by the Wachowski brothers. How they used that movie to describe this life in as an analogy. When Neo "red pilled" it was because he chose love. Went all the way down the rabbit hole and was offered a pill, a chance to choose. We are plugged into the matrix consciousness as we sleep giving power to the negative forces across the Earth. If we are dreaming we have reduced fluoride intake, network/cable tv "programming" and radio.
"Fuck radio", said Kanye West during alleged breakdown.
When we lucid dream we learn at an instant, conjure anything, and have our imagination to build our own environment or visit relatives in the land of the dead before Disney makes it in Disneyland because of Coco.
When the, once Wachowski brothers, made their transition to the Wachowski Sisters they created Cloud Atlas. I felt like they were speaking to me and used their bodies as art or a tool to ask the ques