Mathematical Proof of SECOND Shooter During Las Vegas Attack

Sunday, October 15 2017

Mathematical Proof of SECOND Shooter During Las Vegas Attack
The sheriff of Las Vegas said there is no conspiracy by officials to try to deceive members of the public about the mass shooting. T
he words were said at a press conference, and he made the cold declaration that the conference would be more informational than it would be a question and answer. This was because some media journalists have asked some questions that are tough. Self-Described Scientist Explains Second Shooter Evidence

Whether or not you believe what the official investigation has been rigged and the public is being deceived, there is a lot of evidence from the crime scene that anyone can analyze if they choose to do so. This is exactly what one man has done in a video that has now gone viral on YouTube . The self-described scientist took a look at the evidence and what he found is concerning as Mike Adams says that if the FBI is watching he is giving the location of a second shooter at the Las Vegas murders away. Related Articles Art Bell is supposedly in a Las Vegas hospital suffering from a bout of Pneumonia
Essentially Adams is saying what many people have suggested, that the shooting in Las Vegas could not have been done by one man alone. The video then goes on to show a mathematically precise theory that is scientifically sound, on just why he thinks that there was another shooter that fired shots into the crowd at the concert in Las Vegas. Forensic Acoustic Analysis Reveals Second Las Vegas Shooter

Adams said that all it needs is forensic acoustic analysis and Mike took many hours to compile videos that had been captured from the scene of the shooting on October 1. He then took audio files from the videos and then focused on segments where machine gun fire could be heard that was said to have come from the gun fired by Stephen Paddock. Adams then goes on in great detail to explain why he thinks there was a second shooter at Las Vegas on that day.
In the video, he points out that there is a difference in speed of sound and the speed of the bullets from a cartridge, which in this instance was a.233 Remington. Adams said that the time lag between the last of the bullets hitting the pavement and last sound of the rifle muzzle could be used to calculate the range of the shooter. He said that if you take a look at the shooting the audio reveals that there were two people shooting at the same time and not just one. Shots Fired From Different Locations

Adams goes on to suggest that the first shooter is 425 to 475 yards away and this would make that person in the region of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The second shooter is 250 to 270 yards away, much closer than the hotel. As bullets travel faster than the speed of sound, they hit before the gun sound is even heard. If you compare the lag in time between the bullet hitting the ground and the gunshot sounds that come from the window of the Mandalay Bay Hotel you are then able to determine the range of the shooter.
He said that following analyzation of the many audio files that had been taken at the scene of the shooting he had found that acoustic signatures revealed that there were at least two shooters at different ranges who had fired weapons that night. So the question remains as to whether there is a cover-up about the Las Vegas shooting or if the people in charge do not have as good a brain as Mike Adams as they have not figured this out yet.