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Sunday, June 17 2018

Hi! I am a returning member, I was last on this site about 4-5 years ago. I had taken a break to better ground myself in my religion, grow, and obtain peace. However, recently I have had a bit more out there experiences. Bare with me because this will be a long post.
The first is that I will find myself in what appears to be astral projection or something like it. I have found myself going into homes or at crash sites and praying for the families there. I can recall the families where there is evil haunting the child. I tell it cannot remain there and it is leaving, then I pray for them. I recall one instance where a man was in a blue vehicle, he had crashed. He was in bad shape as firefighters worked around him awaiting for an emt. His nose was broken, his leg at an odd angle and I prayed for him there.
Recently there was a horrible incident. An family of three, was having a horrible situation where there daughter was being attacked by an evil force. It was an older woman. I told her she won't be staying and she was leaving. There was a scuffle, then as the family was around the young girl I prayed for her. Then I returned towards my body, as I was lying down something came into my room and was lying ontop of me. I was startled awake, as I woke up I watched a face clear as day float away from me. Is this astral projecting? Has anyone had a similar situation?