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Wednesday, June 20 2018

I for one am sick and tired of listening to these SJW soy boys and liberal media hacks whine, complain, and get their panties tied up in a knot over illegal alien children being separated from their parents at the border. Illegal is illegal! What part of the word ILLEGAL ALIEN do these people fail to understand? We can see the same phenomenon occurring all over the West, with suicidal, self-hating non-self altruistic SJW wimps who go out of their way to allow the entire third world into their country's borders due to an irrational mental disorder known as cultural Marxism.
What the United States needs to do is first and foremost, build the wall along the southern border. Make it 40 feet high, 20 feet thick, and have it extend from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Force Mexico to pay for it. If they refuse, the president should use his authority as commander in chief and deploy tanks and troops along the border. Tell the Mexican government that if they refuse to hand over the money willingly, the United States army will come in and take it. Secondly, any wall will be useless without an armed presence. Deploy 150,000 American troops along the border. Close down all military bases overseas and bring our troops home, and deploy them along the southern border. It is not the responsibility of the United States to act as the world's police man. American troops should be used only to defend AMERICAN national sovereignty and security. Third, rectroactively end anchor baby citizenship. Fourth, round up and deport every single illegal alien in our nation and send them back to their country of origin. And finally, place a fifty year moratorium on all legal immigration.
The above is a sober, rational, Machiavellian plan which would prove mightily successful in taking back our Republic! Our Nation!
It is time to end this pathetic, suicidal, non-self altruistic behavior and restore a social Darwinist, cold blooded national policy.
The very future of our Republic is at stake. And ALL nations who love their history, people, culture, and heritage should adopt a similar policy.
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