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Sunday, May 6 2018

Okay so, my friends house is very haunted. I'll spare all the deets but one day I was at my friends house when I walked into the kitchen to grab a snack alone and I walk back to the bedroom and everyone says I have these five scratches on my upper back (somewhere I can't reach) they aren't very deep and they were perfectly straight. Then, we all kinda brush it off and the scratches heal in a couple days and all goes back to normal like nothing ever happened. But then they start happening again worse. Probably a week after the first event I wake up with lower back pains and I look in the mirror when I see these five long parallel scratches perfectly straight going across my lower back it's a week later and they r still there, not as bad tho. So then this morning I woke up with more back pain on my upper back close to my shoulder when I see two long defined scratches. Not to mention the scratches seem to be getting a bit deeper but never drawing blood. They aren't three scratches (i heard that means demons) What could this mean? I know these aren't self inflicted because most places I can't even reach, I don't think it's a ghost at my house cause it also happens at my friends house, what can I do to stop this pain and scratches? What does this all mean?