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Finance Department – Issue of Administrative Sanction and Technical Sanction for public works – Guidelines for preparation and approval of Proposals – reg.
FINANCE (INDUSTRIES & PUBLIC WORKS – B) DEPARTMENT G.O.(P) No. 8/2018/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 15.01.2018
Read:- 1) G.O.(P) No. 375/2015/Fin dated 24/08/2015 ORDER
It has come to the notice of Government that due care is not taken by Administrative Departments, while issuing Administrative Sanctions. The sanctions are issued in haste. even without proper investigation or site inspection or preparation of detailed estimates. As a result, administrative sanctions issued in most cases have to be revised, after arranging the work or even after a portion of work is completed, which leads to time and cost overruns.
In order to dispense such wrong practices, the following guidelines are issued in respect of all public works for strict compliance by all officers concerned.
1. Detailed estimates with drawings are to be submitted along with the Administrative Sanction proposals costing more than Rs. 50 lakh. The estimate should be prepared in accordance with PWD Manual.
2. Structural designs and drawings shall be carried out before preparation of detailed estimates for Administrative Sanction for works costing more than 2 Crore.
3. The detailed estimates shall be prepared only after detailed investigation. The details of the Officer who prepared the DPR shall invariably be mentioned in the docket sheet of DPR.
4. All officers who are responsible for preparation, verification and approval of the estimates, drawings and other documents shall sign with their name seal.
5. Before issuing the Technical Sanction, detailed estimates shall be prepared after detailed investigation of the site by the concerned officers and on the basis of detailed designs and specifications for the work. Proper care shall be bestowed on the preparation of detailed estimates so that it reflects the cost of work as can be foreseen at that time.
6. The Administrative Depanments shall earmark sufficient funds for investigation works before issue of Administrative Sanction for the project.
7. Proposals which are not in compliance with the above instructions will not be taken up for approval by Government, in future.
8. Any violation of the above guidelines will be viewed seriously by the Government. In case, it is found that the revision of estimates in excess of 10% of Technical Sanction amount is necessitated due to lapses in investigation/design/planning/estirnation for the works, the officers responsible will be made accountable and proceeded against for negligence of official duties and violation of Government instructions.
9. The Heads of Engineering Departments/PSUs shall communicate the matter up to Section Office level, at the earliest. By Order of the Governor MANOJ JOSHI