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Tuesday, May 15 2018

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Canada: Council briefs: cannabis, housing, BDIA - The Community Press
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Council briefs: cannabis , housing, BDIA
By Luke Hendry, The Intelligencer
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 3:12:23 EDT PM
LUKE HENDRY/THE INTELLIGENCER Coun. Egerton Boyce, centre, Coun. Jackie Denyes, right, and Coun. Kelly McCaw listen to proceedings during a city council meeting Monday in Belleville.
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A city councillor has failed in his attempt to reopen the debate on a proposed medical marijuana research and development facility.
Coun. Egerton Boyce made a motion during Monday's council meeting to revisit council's denial April 9 of a zoning application by 2589989 Ontario Inc. The company had applied for the zoning of 250 Sidney St., the former Nortel Networks plant, to include such a facility as a permitted use.
Boyce said council erred in its vote.
"We were in contravention of our procedural bylaw," he said.
"There was a lot of confusion... on the particular vote."
Boyce said the bylaw prohibits amending motions from contradicting their original motions.
"It can be complementary but it can't be contradictory," he said. "Our amending motion was contradictory."
His motion Monday to reconsider needed the support of all six councillors present. Coun. Garnet Thompson had recused himself due to a conflict of interest. Mayor Taso Christopher and Coun. Mike Graham were absent.
Coun. Jackie Denyes opposed the motion, defeating it.
"The company has a right to appeal" the initial vote, Boyce said.
In another west-end matter, Coun. Mitch Panciuk said residents of West Park Village have launched a petition and are concerned about the Hastings County-led Home for Good project. It's scheduled to build a 40-unit supportive-housing complex on the west side of Sidney Street north of College Street starting this year.
Panciuk said residents are concerned tenants may include people who have been homeless, have addictions , or have been jailed . He asked whether that was known previously.
"The county was very up-front at the public meeting ," said Rod Bovay, the city's director of engineering and development services. He said county staff were open about their partnership with local agencies which plan to provide support to tenants.
"We're under no obligation to disclose who is going to live there," Bovay said. "This is an apartment building.
"We don't zone people. We zone uses."
In a separate discussion, a bid by Coun. Kelly McCaw to defer the appointing of new board members to the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area also failed.
McCaw had argued council shouldn't appoint people when a municipal election is scheduled for Oct. 22.
"Why wouldn't we be leaving it to the next council to do so?" she asked.
"They've been running a long time with a few of these vacancies," she said afterward. "I couldn't see the urgency."
"Traditionally council has, without question, appointed members at the recommendation of the board," clerk Matt MacDonald replied. He said the board reported it had had vacancies "for some time" but council could make its own decision.
McCaw's motion failed to find support.
The next council meeting is May 28 at 4 p.m. at city hall, 169 Front St.
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