Aadhaar is a threat to national security: Subramanian Swamy

Thursday, November 2 2017

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Subramanian Swamy, the BJP leader is planning to write a PMO explaining how Aadhaar compulsion is a threat to the national security. Swamy believes that SC will soon strike down the Aadhaar system.
The department of telecommunication (DoT) is working with UIDAI and telecom operators to publish a comprehensive guideline for linking Aadhaar. Supreme Court recently published an order requiring at the telecoms to verify existing mobile subscribers through Aadhaar-based KYC by February 2018.
Customers are facing a lot of challenges due to the mandatory linking of mobile phones with Aadhaar. Cybercrime experts believe that Aadhaar has led to the number of cyber frauds. According to the cyber crime cell, there is a new trend in cybercrime activities. Cybercriminals are using Aadhaar card linking scam for to get access to the individual bank accounts. Cybercriminals are mostly targeting the people in mid-to-old age group.
The Aadhaar linking scam has been exploited by the fraudsters around the country. These fraudsters pretend to be a representative from a bank and ask the details of the debit card number, passwords, and bank account details. The threat of getting the card deactivated makes the customers share the details with the telecaller.
According to the cyber crime cell at Pune police, the department has helped in recovering Rs 60 lakh so far from cases related to Aadhaar fraud. The conviction rate in Aadhaar related cases is very low. On the other hand, UIDAI is still pushing the users to link Aadhaar card with bank accounts and telecom operators.
Swamy's tweet comes after the Supreme court's notice on a petition challenging the mandatory linking of Aadhaar. Subramanian Swamy's tweet reads, "I am writing a letter soon to PM detailing how compulsory Aadhar is a threat to our national security. SC will I am sure strike it down."
- Rajat Kabade