Amazon employee count reaches above 5 lakhs, plans to hire thousands more

Wednesday, November 1 2017

The e-commerce giant, Amazon has employed 159,500 employees in just three months. With the new hiring , Amazon's global employee base has become whopping 541,900.
Amazon has increased the employee base by 77% in this quarter. The company earlier had 382,400 employees. The boost in employees mostly came from the recent acquisition. Amazon acquired Whole Foods in August, adding 90,000 people to Amazon's workforce. The e-com giant also acquired, a big competitor from the Middle East.

With the new headcount, Amazon becomes the second company in the US to employ more than half a million people. Apart from the workforce that the company added to its payroll from acquisitions, Amazon has hired 70,000 new faces to the company. The e-com giant is still a long way from reaching the headcount of Walmart, which employs nearly 2.3 million people.

However, Amazon is not done with its hiring plans. The company recently disclosed its plans for hiring 120,000 seasonal workers in the warehouse locations. Amazon has already started the recruitment process for seasonal staff at its warehouses across the globe. The online platform sees heavy demand during the holiday season. The company has also grown its warehouse spaces by 30% this year.
Amazon is also working on opening retail outlets, the company has 2500 openings for the sales professionals. The experimental stores called Amazon Go can create a new opportunity for 16 million retail workers alone in India. The company known for integrating robotic technologies in the warehouses has not replaced the jobs for human resources. The company has deployed over 100,000 robots in 25 warehouses since 2014. Amazon now has more than 240 warehouses and smaller delivery outlets.

Amazon's cloud business entity, Amazon Web Services is known for its innovative projects. The company employs IT talent across the world for AWS. The cloud computing service contributes a significant chunk of Amazon's revenues. Amazon currently has 7,000 openings in India for software engineer's position.
- Rajat Kabade