Experts have sounded the rule of eating for diabetics

Saturday, June 23 2018

magictr | June 22, 2018 | Health | No Comments
American scientists said that the blood sugar level depends on what order the products are used.
Patients with diabetes of the 2nd type can even eat carbohydrates, if previously they will eat the protein dish, reports the Correspondent.
The experiment consisted of two phases, involved the Americans, who suffered from diabetes of the 2nd type and obesity.
During each phase they were given the same meals: chicken, broccoli steamed, salad, tomatoes in oil, bread ciabatta and orange juice.
At the 1st stage of the experiment participants were first eaten foods high in carbohydrates, and 15-20 minutes of meat, vegetables, and foods that have fat.
At the 2nd phase, subjects first consumed foods with protein – meat, vegetables, and foods with fat, and after 15-20 minutes eat meals with carbohydrates.
After eating for 2 hours was carried out control of blood glucose.
It turned out that when the participants ate the meat first, and then foods with carbohydrates, then half an hour later the blood sugar level they were at 29 percent less than in the first stage.
At the 2nd stage in an hour sugar level was lower by 37 percent and 2 hours later – 17 percent compared to the 1st stage.
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