Facebook sued by ex-employee over over-time wages

Tuesday, October 31 2017

Facebook sued by ex-employee over over-time wages

Facebook sued by ex-employee over over-time wages Facebook sued by ex-employee over over-time wages A former Facebook employee is suing the social media giant for allegedly misclassifying employees to exempt them from overtime pay. IANS | Oct 31, 2017, 12.57PM IST More than a billion people use Facebook every single day. It's the app you likely spend the majority of your t... Read More

SAN FRANCISCO: A former Facebook employee is suing the social media giant for allegedly misclassifying employees to exempt them from overtime pay. According to a report in arstechnica.com on Monday, Susie Bigger , a former client solutions manager at Facebook's office in Chicago , has alleged that she and other Facebook employees are illegally classified as managers as part of "defendant's scheme to deprive them of overtime compensation". The proposed class-action lawsuit, filed in a US court, is seeking A back pay, damages, interest and attorneys fees for an untold number of Facebook employees. "This lawsuit is without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously," Facebook told Ars Technica . The lawsuit described a "systematic, company wide wrongful classification" system for Client Solutions Managers, Customer Solutions Managers, Customer Account Managers, "or other similarly titled positions". 19 Facebook tips and tricks everyone should know 1 20 19 Facebook tips and tricks everyone should know More than a billion people use Facebook every single day.

It's the app you likely spend the majority of your time using on your phone or the website you pull up more than you care to admit. Whether you're finding the latest news or trying to stay in touch with friends, checking Facebook can become an addictive habit. We've collected some of the best tips and tricks you may not know about - from hiding people you don't want to see on Facebook to managing notifications. Here are 19 tips and tricks that every Facebook user should know. Turn your profile pic into an animated GIF From the Facebook mobile app, select your profile picture and then "Take a New Profile Video" to upload a short video loop of yourself. The result looks like a mix between an animated GIF and a moving picture straight out of "Harry Potter". Turn off auto-playing videos in your News Feed. If you don't want videos on Facebook automatically playing when you scroll past them in your News Feed, make sure to turn the setting off. Under the far right tab in the Facebook mobile app, tap Settings and then "Account Settings." From there select "Videos and Photos." You can choose to auto-play videos over cellular and Wi-Fi connections, just Wi-Fi, or never.

Unfollow people you don't want to see in your News Feed, but don't want to completely unfriend If you want to stop seeing someone's posts in your News Feed but don't have the guts to completely unfriend them, you can unfollow them to hide their activity. From someone's profile in the Facebook mobile app, tap on "Following" under their profile picture and then "Unfollow" to get rid of their posts completely. On the desktop site, click the drop-down arrow to the right of a post to unfollow a person. Select profiles and pages you never want to miss updates from in your News Feed If there are certain people or pages you want to see first in your News Feed no matter what, you can select them in the Facebook mobile app. Tap "Settings" under the app's "More" tab and then "News Feed Preferences" to get started. People and pages you've marked to see first will have a little blue star next to their posts in your feed. Hide your posts from specific people Your Facebook posts can be shared with your friends, friends and friends of friends, or anyone who views your profile. You can select these sharing options on a case-by-case basis from the drop-down menu at the top right of a post. On the mobile app, select "Edit Privacy" and select one of the options. From the desktop, just click the little friends or globe icon next to a post's time stamp. If you want everyone expect a few people to see a post, you can choose to hide it from specific people by selecting "Friends except..." on the mobile app and "Custom" on the desktop. See how your profile looks like to people who aren't your friends This is handy for seeing what on your profile is visible to others, including individual friends you may have hidden certain information from in the past. When you're logged into Facebook on the desktop website, go to your profile, click the ellipsis and then "View as..." Hide your list of friends If for some reason you don't want people seeing who you're friends with, you can hide the list entirely. From your friends list on the desktop, click the "Manage" pen icon on the right and then "Edit Privacy." Then you can change who can see your friends list, the people you follow, and your followers. Hide your relationship-status change from your friends

It could be potentially disastrous for your Facebook friends to see your relationship-status change. The good news is that you can prevent relationship changes from being seen by anyone except you. This means the change won't show up in your friends' News Feeds. While editing your profile under "Family and Relationships," change the privacy filter to "Only Me." Hide specific photo albums and events on your timeline If you have certain photo albums you don't want people seeing, but don't feel like deleting them completely, you can hide them so only you can see them on Facebook. The same goes for events in your life, whether they be relationship changes, new jobs, or whatever. Just take note of the little gray icon next to a photo album or post. Two little people mean that it can only be seen by your friends, a globe means it's public, and a padlock means only you can see it. Block people from being able to contact you If someone is spamming you with messages or you just want to make sure they can't see your profile, go to their profile page and click on the three dots to the far right. Select "Block." See everywhere you're logged into Facebook and remotely log out From the Facebook mobile app, tap the far right More tab then Settings, Account Settings, Security, and finally "Where You're Logged In." Tap the "X" to remotely log out of any device or Facebook app you're logged into. From your Security Settings on Facebook's desktop site, the "Where You're Logged In" menu shows active logins and lets you end them. Get alerted every time a log-in attempt is made for your account. Facebook Login Alerts and Login Approvals can be enabled under Security Settings in the mobile app and desktop site. You can choose to get a Facebook notification or email whenever a log-in is made. Login Approvals mean that you'll have to enter a secondary code sent to your phone before you can log-in to Facebook on a new device. Unsubscribe from notifications for posts you've commented on We've all probably commented on a post and regretted it later because of the onslaught of notifications that followed from other people commenting.

You may not know that you can unsubscribe from activity on any post, which could be a godsend next time you decide to comment on a friend's politically charged opinion. When you get a notification for a comment or like on a post on Facebook's desktop site, click the "X" to the right of the notification and then "Turn off." The reverse is also true. You can turn on notifications for activity on any post from the right drop-down arrow. Turn off birthday reminder notifications If you're sick of Facebook notifying you about friends' birthdays every day, you can turn the notifications off. Go to the notifications tab in your account settings and turn the birthdays option 0ff. Search for posts and photos liked or commented on by a specific person This takes stalking to the next level: You can search for posts liked or commented on by one of your friends. Search for specific keywords and topics, not just profiles and pages Facebook lets you search for a lot more than just other peoples' profiles. Everything that's publicly shared on the social network is searchable, which means that if you search for something like "James Bond" or "iPhone 8," you'll see related posts from news sources, friends, and other pages. Make lists to separate groups of people you're friends with, like school friends and work colleagues Designating groups within your list of friends can be useful to filter between what everyone is talking about in your News Feed.

For instance, you may want to see what everyone from your hometown is sharing or just your friends from college. Facebook creates list of friends by default based on common affiliation, whether it be the same hometown, school, etc. On Facebook's desktop site you can see all of your friend lists from this page and add people to them. This creates individual News Feeds within Facebook for you to browse. 18.jpgGive yourself a short bio Facebook lets you create a short bio for yourself that sits above your other profile information, such as city, work, and relationship status. You can edit it at any time from your profile on the desktop site and mobile app. Pro tip: Make your bio completely out of emojis. Edit a post or comment Your Facebook comments and posts are thankfully not set in stone. Not only can you delete them at any time, but you can also edit them. Tap the drop-down arrow to the right of one of your posts on the desktop and then hit "Edit Post." When viewing one of your comments, tap the little pencil icon to the right to edit or delete. To edit or delete a comment from the Facebook mobile app, tap and hold on the comment. "CSMs do not perform duties related to the management or general business operations of Facebook. Rather, CSMs' duties constitute the principal production activity of Facebook as a social media and marketing platform," the lawsuit alleged. Facebook is set to announce its third-quarter results this week. For the latest news , tech news , breaking news headlines and live updates checkout Gadgetsnow.com
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