Global Passport Index: How Powerful is the Indian Passport?

Saturday, October 28 2017

Rajat Kabade The Global Passport Index has ranked Indian passport poorly in its annual report. India has ranked 75th position while the Asian country, Singapore has managed to secure the first position.
The Passport Index Global Passport Power 2017 ranks the countries based on the access national passports have to the countries around the world. The number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival decides the ranking of the country. India has a visa-free score of 51.
Indian Passport holders can visit 24 countries without a visa while 27 countries offer visa on arrival for Indians. The low number of visa-free alliances have led to Indian passport's low ranking. Indian Passport has fared much better than the neighborhood countries like Bhutan (ranked 74), Myanmar (84th rank), Nepal and Sri Lanka (both at 89), Bangladesh (ranked at 90), Pakistan and Iraq (93) and Afghanistan (94th).

In the Asian markets, Chinese Passport has secured the 67th position with a visa-free score of 60. The global leader, Singaporean Passport has secured the first place with a visa-free score of 159. This is the first time that the Asian country has secured the most powerful position in the Passport Index. Singapore citizens can visit 173 countries without the visa.

The United States Passport has slipped its ranking to the 6th position. Since the Trump government came to the power, countries like Turkey and the Central African Republic have revoked the visa-free status to American Passport holders. Germany has ranked second followed by Sweden and South Korea.