How to Get a Refund for iTunes & App Store Purchases

Wednesday, May 16 2018

How to Get an iTunes Refund from iTunes on Mac or PC How to Get a Refund From Your iPhone or iPad
You can send a request for a refund from your iPhone or iPad to Apple in a matter of minutes. This is an easy way to find the right link, and it’s going to be easier for you to remember how to do this in the long run. How to get a refund for iTunes and App Store purchases. Open Mail , or the Mail app that you use with the email that links to your iPhone account. Search for “ Your receipt from Apple “, which will likely include many results. Tap on the emails to find the receipt that has the items you want a refund for. If there are too many options, try searching for the app name or the movie name in your email. In the email, tap on the Report a Problem link. Sign in and file a report on the web.
From there you follow the same directions as if you reported from the web. It’s the same on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. How to Get an iTunes or App Refund Online Find what you need a refund for from iTunes or the App Store.
You can ask Apple for an iTunes refund using the web, without opening up iTunes. You need to know your Apple ID and password and that’s it. Open up in your browser. Login with your Apple ID and password. Choose the right section at the top that relates to your refund. Locate the purchase and choose Report a Problem . Click the right reason for your iTunes refund. Enter a description of the problem. Submit the problem to Apple. How to Get a Refund in iTunes Use this method to get a refund from iTunes on Mac or PC.
On your Mac or PC you can open iTunes and get a refund for music, movies, in app purchases and apps easily. Open iTunes . Click on iTunes Store and then choose Account and enter your password . Click on See All in the Purchase History section. Find the purchase you want a refund for and click on More to the right . Click on Report a Problem . This will direct you to the Apple website where you can explain the issue and submit the request for a refund .
Apple does not grant all refund requests, but is very sympathetic to problems with downloads and rentals that prevent you from watching or listening to what you paid for. We’ve asked for an received three or four refunds over the last several years when rentals failed without any hassle. An iTunes or App refund takes a few days to process and show up on your credit card or debit card.
Updated May 2018 with new information including Apple’s 90 day limit and the latest directions. 11 Best Apps to Waste Time Baseball Boy 1 / 10
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