Odd Sound on Phone Call - ABT Paranormal, Psychic Forum

Sunday, January 21 2018

First off Hello hope you're having a good day.
I'm open minded for most things but when it comes to tech type things I tend to get skeptical. From what it sounds like to the information you have provided it sounds like a tech issue. Without knowing everything about you your phone I'm going to guess a few theories.
Theory 1.
You have an older phone and something is going wrong with either hardware or a software somewhere.
Theory 2.
When you talked about it having issues when your friend was playing music by a window. I do know that sometimes phones tend to act funny when you have live music played through the system. The level of volume and frequencies of the sounds are sometimes hard for the phone to process even some of the new ones also. It's hard to say either way without having the phone in front of me.
There are other theories but I think these are the main ones I would concentrate on first because they would eliminate a lot of the others. I would say since it has happened more than once treat it like a small issue on a pc and get it looked at before it balloons into a huge problem. So I would take it to your phone provider and have them look at it they might be able to fix it. It might be a simple fix on their end or it might be time for you to upgrade to a newer phone depending on how new your phone is.
I hope I could be of some help to you.