Online fraudsters dupe 30 people within a week in Lucknow

Wednesday, November 1 2017

Thirty residents of Lucknow have reported being duped by online fraudsters in last seven days. These cases are being investigated by the cyber cell of Lucknow police. The police suspect a gang of cybercriminals from Bihar and Jharkhand could be behind these targeted scams.
A Facebook user lodged a complaint about the ransom demand after her account was hacked. The female user has lodged the complaint in Indiranagar police station. An unidentified hacker first took over her Facebook account and started messaging her friends. The messages clearly demand Rs 3,000 to get her Facebook login credentials back. The lady came to know about the incident after her friends called her and informed about the ransom demand.

In another incident, a government employee Kamal Bhartiya was duped by an online insurance company. Kamal bought an insurance policy that promised him to double his insurance money. The anonymous insurance company sent him an online form requiring him to deposit Rs 10,000 in two installments in an account registered in the State Bank of India.

After Kamal made the deposit, he did not receive any policy document by courier which was promised to him. He received a call after a week asking him to deposit additional Rs 5000 to avail the insurance. Even after depositing the amount, Kamal did not receive any document. The agent's mobile was switched off after that.
Another case reported is regarding Aadhaar scam. A representative claiming to be an official of the State Bank of India called Preeti Ghidiyal, a resident of Sarvodaya Nagar. The caller asked Preeti to link her Aadhaar with the bank account. The claimed official asked the details of Preeti's debit card and asked to share the OTP (one-time password) received on the registered mobile number. The SBI customer was assured that this is to verify the Aadhaar linking process. In 20 minutes, Preeti received two messages from SBI confirming the deduction of Rs 25,000 in each transaction.
A retired deputy superintended of police too was duped for Rs 20,000. The police officer, Krishna Kant has filed a complaint describing the similar incident as Kamal Bharitya. Krishna Kant received a call from a representative claiming to be a bank official. The caller took details of Krishna's debit card and warned that if he fails to provide the details, the card will be blocked.
The inspector from Lucknow's cyber cell department has confirmed receiving these complaints. The police officer, VS Sirohi confirms that the cyber cell department has received 30 such complaints in just one week. While the police are investigating these reports, they suspect a gang operating from Bihar and Jharkhand are targeting the residents of Lucknow.
- Rajat Kabade