Top startups offering upto Rs 36.6 lakh salary: IIT Delhi placements

Friday, November 3 2017

Hiring Image Credit Continue reading Campus placement season has started in most of the premier institutes in India. Leading Internet companies like Uber, Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato are among the top firms to offer highest salary packages during campus placements. The day 1 and 2 of campus recruitment at IIT Delhi attracted the internet startups to recruit the young talent. Uber India was the top preferred choice by IIT Delhi students. The cab aggregator company offered an annual package of whopping Rs 36.6 lakh for a software developer's position. Following the Uber, the e-com giant Flipkart offered Rs 26 lakh salary package to IIT Delhi candidate. The restaurant ranking and ordering app, Zomato is offering Rs 25 lakh annual salary while Amazon India is hiring the students for Rs 16 lakh salary package at IIT Delhi campus placement this year. IITs had collectively decided to ban a number of startups from campus recruitment drive. Zomato, Grofers, Peppertap, Portea Medical, IndusInsight, and Hopscotch were among the 31 startups that IITs had banned from campus placement rounds on account of delaying and revoking job offers for the 2015 batch of IITians. This year IITs have revoked the ban and has started allowing startups to enter the campus. The e-commerce giant, Flipkart was not among the list of banned startups last year. However, the e-commerce company decided to stay away from recruiting IIT graduates in a campus drive last year. The structural changes, slowed down investments and a push for cash positive business has changed the hiring decisions of most of these heavily-funded startups in last two years. Most of these startups are hiring young IITians for the positions like software developer, data assistant, and product manager. Flipkart is the only company to offer Rs 26 lakh per annum salary to a non-IT role like an assistant product manager. Students from computer science, mechanical and electrical departments are applying for a job with these startups. IIT Delhi is also organizing a 'Startup Day', where a bunch of startups will be given slots to hire IITians. The Startup Day will be scheduled way below on the fourth or fifth day of placements. There is a requirement from startups for roles like analyst and quant researcher as well. IIT Delhi campus is abuzz with placement and hiring related activities. - Rajat Kabade