UAE to train 1 million students for coding and data analysis

Sunday, October 29 2017

UAE has launched a new initiative to train a million Arab youth for computer programming. The official tweet by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid confirms the program designed to create a pool of skilled talent in the country.

'One Million Arab Coders' is an initiative to offer computer programming training for the Arab youth. The new portal '' has been launched in partnership with Udacity. The program will offer training in the areas of website development, Android application development, mobile interfaces and data analysis. A middle east-based recruitment portal, is also supporting the initiative.
In the official announcement, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid said, "Coding is the language of the modern era. Our goal is to teach it to one million young Arabs in order to prepare them now for the requirements needed to excel in the future." The Sheikh wants the Arab youth to start Internet businesses and contribute to the global economy.

The training program is offered free of cost to the Arab youth. Many young Arabs with unstoppable potential will be supported through the program. Dubai's ruler wants to Arab talent to find more jobs within the country than migrating to foreign countries. The initiative is part of Sheikh's vision of reviving Arab civilization and creating innovative changes in the country.
The course curriculum is designed for three months of training, which is divided into three stages of implementation. Users have to register on Applicants need to go through a screening test to be eligible to receive the training. Only top 1000 students will be selected for the certification program. The last stage of the program is the coding competition. Only top 10 students will be selected from the coding challenge.

Dubai's government has announced the cash price of $1 million for the student securing first-place. The remaining nine students will be awarded $50,000 each. The platform also has an independent panel for tutors. The top four tutors voted by the students will the cash reward of $200,000.