WhatsApp Finally Rolls Out Its Delete For Everyone Feature

Sunday, October 29 2017

WhatsApp has finally rolled out its Delete for Everyone update with WaBetaInfo, the application's fan site officially announcing that the new feature is now available to iOS, Android and Windows phone users.

With this smartphone users can evoke the wrongly sent messages or messages which are forwarded to other chats by mistake.
WaBetaInfo also highlights that the roll out is a slow process and both the sender and the recipient should have the same updated version of WhatsApp for the feature to work.
The feature is compatible with GIFs,voice messages, locations, stickers (in future), contact cards, quoted messages, status replies, texts and images.

When you revoke a message, WhatsApp forwards a fake copy of the message to the receiver. When the false copy is received by the receiver, his smartphone will not show you the notification and it will not be saved in the chat history as well.

The new Delete for Everyone feature will however not work for-:
Message incorporated in a quoted message cannot be revoked.
It will not be possible to delete for everyone messages forwarded in a Broadcast List.
The sent messages can only be evoked within 7 minutes post which you cannot recall or revoke it.
The feature can only be accessed if both sender and receiver are using the updated version of

WhatsApp will also roll out the feature for its older versions too. Unfortunately the feature will not be available for Symbian OS users.
WhatsApp is still in the process of unveiling the feature and you may receive the notification message any time. You can also uninstall and reinstall the application incase you don't get the activation message.

WhatsApp a few days back also unveiled its Live Location feature which enables your friends to conviniently locate you in real time. The feature is similar to sharing your location and can be accessed by clicking on share live location once you share your location with your known ones.
You can then subsequently add a comment and select the duration for your location to be remained as public.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on editing sent messages as well. According to WABeta Info, this feature is under development and its roll out date is still unclear.
Facebook owned WhatsApp comes as one of the largest messaging apps with about one billion users accessing it globally. The platform has unveiled a host of features to make its usage more fun and useful. For instance WhatsApp stories is being used by more than 250 million users across the globe, posting text based stories.