WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp delete for everyone message feature starts rolling out to some users

Friday, October 27 2017

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp delete for everyone message feature starts rolling out to some users

NEW DELHI: WhatsApp has been working on its message revoking feature since quite some time. After spending a considerate amount of time with developers, the instant messaging feature has finally started rolling it out to end users.

If you haven't been following, WhatsApp's message revoking feature, as one can imagine from the name, lets users delete or retract the text sent to someone accidentally. This saves both the parties from those awkward situations, followed by apologies.

WhatsApp has started rolling out this feature to limited users. It will be coming to all Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, reports WAbetainfo website. The feature shows up as "this message was deleted for everyone" and works on images, gifs, videos, contacts and others. However, quoted texts for now are not said to be supported.

How WhatsApp "this message was deleted for everyone" feature works?

The website explains that when users delete a text message, WhatsApp sends a fake cope of the message to the recipient. On receiving the message by the other party, the message won't be shown in the notifications alert. WhatsApp won't be keeping a copy of the message in the chat history as well.

Instead, it will check if the ID for that particular revoked message is in database. If it exists, WhatsApp will revoke it.

While the revoked message will be deleted from the notifications of iOS, it will show up with "This message was deleted for everyone" text on Android.

So how much time will I get to revoke the message?

WhatsApp is giving users a window of seven minutes to revoke a sent message. Although it seems like a wide time frame for the sender, it might just take seconds for the other party to view it. So all-in-all, users would have to be as fast as they can when revoking the text.

Extra precaution

It is worth noting that both parties should have the newest version of the app installed to use the feature. WAbetainfo says that it should work with some old versions too but not all of them. It won't support Symbian-based devices, so think twice before sending a message to someone who is using a Symbian OS handset. WhatsApp for Web or Desktop supports this feature.