Why drink a lot of plain water: the response of physicians

Saturday, June 23 2018

magictr | June 22, 2018 | Health | No Comments
Doctors advise to drink water just so, and not only when you want.
Doctors have long denied the fact that the human body consists of 70% water. In fact, it has some truth, but indicators of the level of liquid in the body of each is different and much depends on sex, age and state of health.
As you know, the body constantly loses fluid, respectively, to replenish its supplies should also regularly. When the water level is greatly reduced, the person feels thirsty and drinks that will be on hand — water, tea, compote, juice, coffee, beer, soda and so on.
Doctors are opposed to quenching thirst publicized drinks, but because they suggest to drink only water. Although, with the thirst copes cranberry juice, green tea, and many other useful types of fluid.
Moreover, according to doctors, no need to wait for thirst, drink a glass of water every hour throughout the day.
Why drink a lot of plain water:
— because of the fluid deficit suffer kidney;
— dehydration occurs and the body begins to age prematurely;
— the gastric juice becomes more acidic, when the body is not enough water;
— reduced cognitive ability, because the brain does not receive enough oxygen during dehydration;
water suppresses the appetite, so people who want to lose weight, you need to drink as much as possible;
— control of blood pressure is performed by maintaining normal levels of fluid in the body;
— drink plenty of liquids stimulates peristalsis and accelerates metabolism.
Valuable advice from physicians : in the heat, leaving your home, you need to have a bottle of water.